Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What can I do to get my money back?

I sent my girlfriend in the Philippines that I meet on craiglist $10,000 to help her now she don't talk to me. What can I do to get my money back?

Well, you can find some way to try to get her to communicate with you, be it by telephone, email or a Craig's List posting. However, this doesn't mean she'll give you your money back. And because she's in another country, you can't use the law to get it back. Let's face it, you've been robbed!!!

For future reference, never date anyone in another country that you met on Craig's List. And if you do, NEVER send them money. And for my own personal knowledge, have you two ever met face to face?

Sorry I couldn't help.

Here's a little video regarding services and such posted on Craig's List. It's a little off the subject, but I found it hard to resist.


Far said...

wow do ppl really fall for these scams???

Stella said...

It seems like they do.