Saturday, July 4, 2009

What Do You Say To Get Out of Sex?

What excuses do you use? What is usually the real reason?
I know I am a girl, and I use the "I have to get up early" excuse. The real reason is that I usually am just not into him at that particular moment. But I think I may need some new excuses. LOL.

While I try don't engage in this, I do have a variety of excuses to use. A: If you've ended your cycle recently, tell him that you're still on. If he raises a brow, tell him that it's been really irregular this month and you don't know why. He should definitely hold his mule with that one. B: Fake a migraine or a headache. C: Tell him you're not feeling well and you feel nauseous. D: Pretend (If it's not natural) that you're really stressed over something at work and try to get him to comfort you instead.

Good luck. I hope I've helped!

Friday, July 3, 2009

How to Have Sex in the Office, and Not Get Caught?

I thought I'd post something fun to take us into the weekend. So, for all of you that consider office sex, here's a pretty funny video tutorial to guide you. Let me know what you think.

Good luck. I hope I've helped.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is It Hard Going to Shows Alone?

Is it hard going out to shows alone?

I just turned 34 a few days ago. I don't really feel to happy about it. I didn't have a girlfriend to share the day with. It was only spent with my parents and grandparents. I have a total desire of going out to comedy clubs but it gets too upsetting that I have to go alone to the shows. Most of my friends around my age are married, or in serious realtionships and don't have the time. I really feel upset when I go to the comedy shows and see younger couples there holding hands and all.

I am 34. When will my big break come for a girlfriend or getting married. I am not a bum or anything I have a rewarding career in engineering. I have a masters degree in business, and I have a nice home and car. I enjoy going for ballroom dancing and swing dancing. But it is no fun if I can't share this all with someone. I like going to shows, but again there is the thing that there are younger couples there and her I am alone.

Will my luck change? Is it too late to get married for me? Should I stop going to the shows?


It sounds like you're lonely. We've all been there. But, reflecting on what you don't have isn't going to help you attract the right mate. A girlfriend can't make you happy, she can only add to your happiness.

Make a decision to change your luck, by making it a point to enjoy the time you spend without a girlfriend. Enjoy being yourself and single. Keep going to see shows. Invite your friends next time. Discover new interests and hobbies. Check out and join a couple of the social groups in your town. Not only will you enjoy being yourself, but while exploring a new hobby, may meet the the woman of your dreams, or at least someone to take to comedy shows.

And for the record, 34 is a great age. Enjoy it, and your life. Good luck. I hope I've helped.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boyfriend refuses to consider marriage...What to do?

Boyfriend refuses to consider marriage.. What to do?

I am 26 and my boyfriend and I have been together for almost four years. Two years ago he asked me to marry him but six months later retracted the proposal and said it was offered "in the heat of the moment." This comment was made after I pressed about a ring.

So jump to now. I made a large move for him and we have been living together for three years. We even have a dog together. Tonight I cried at the sight of a wedding on television, I don't know what came over me-I just began to get emotional. My boyfriend asked why and I explained I wanted to be that girl in a pretty white dress so bad I did not understand why I couldn't be.

My boyfriend said he just doesn't want to get married. Ever. He believes our relationship will be strained if we do. His other argument is "Why do we have do to what everyone else does?" I don't know what to say to these arguments. I expressed that it is a strong commitment we make to each other and I want it so much.. Tonight he just got angry. yelled. And stormed off.

I don't know what to do. I want to be with him, but I also what my day in a white dress. Any advice? I don't want to debate the pros and cons of marriage. Or maybe I need to? I don't know.

I'm just lost now..

You can't force others to do something that they don't want to do. When deciding to spend your life with someone, you have to make sure that your goals, dreams and beliefs lineup. You must want the same things. If you want marriage and he doesn't, that already tells you that your goals and believes don't line up.

And as a side note, there's a possibility that his beliefs about marriage may be a scapegoat for him to keep the door open in case something better comes along.

You can either let go of the idea of being married to be with him, or you can move on to find someone that does want to get married. Only you can decide which one is more important to you.

Good luck. I hope I've helped.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sexless Marriage or Relationship?

Sexless Marriage or Relationship?

Do you believe there could be such a thing? I personally believe this is a contradiction in terms.

I think there is a possibility of a sexless relationship, however, I think the actually of it being in a successful relationship is few and far between.

While couples can happily go for periods of time without sex, in my opinion, sex within a relationship represents the health of the that relationship. Couples that frequently engage in sex, are usually more appreciative of each other, and are committed to maintaining the dating element.

Even as couples grow mature together, couples that are still deeply in love are still frisky and affectionate, and sometimes still sexually active with each other.

So, while sex is not everything in a relationship, it can definitely symbolize the health of a relationship.

I hope I've helped.

My Dating Status

During the interim, (despite my, "I'm only dating myself right now, " policy) I discovered several dating options. It turns out that when you decide to stop dating, everyone wants to date you. Despite my better judgement, I actually entertained a few of my options. And after a long and thorough process of elimination, I've ended up with a boyfriend and a sugar daddy.

I look foward to blogging updates about them. They've kept me pretty amused. And FYI, the guy above is neither the boyfriend or the sugar daddy. But, they make me smile just like that.

I hope I've helped.

Where have I been?

The last post I wrote was in November. Hmm... Where the h#ll did I go? Christmas season was great for my company, despite the economic circumstances. Following that, I was abducted by aliens that probed me for information regarding false eyelashes. Just kidding. The important thing is that (drum roll please...) I'm back!!! New year and new relationship drama!

I hope I've helped.