Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Am I reading too much into this?

Am I reading too much into this?
Met a guy a couple months ago in a bar. He and his friends were in town for work. We all started hanging out. I told him I was interested in him, he stopped talking to me. He had a girl he was kind of seeing, flew her out to visit, then they got in a fight and then he took me on a date after she left and we all started hanging out again. All the guys were talking about how cool their hometown was (Vegas) and kept saying I should come visit. When they left, I text the guy and told him I was looking into plane tickets. He totally ignored me for a few weeks. I could tell he and the girl were still hanging out.
Then we started talking again and I told him I was coming out to visit after all. He said I could stay with him at his house if I wanted and he'd show me around. From his facebook, I can tell he and this girl are hanging out a lot again. She says stuff like, thanks for making me dinner last night! and I had fun yesterday, stuff like that.
Is he just being friendly or is he trying to start something with me? He's been nice and he's letting me stay at his house so i can't tell if he's just being nice, he's into me, he's getting back with his girl, or what. (I'm in Illinois, he's in vegas) And I don't know why he talks to me on and off like that. I am afraid now I read too much into the guys telling me to come visit.

Yes, you're reading too much into the situation. People say things like that all the time. I think you should go to Vegas too. But, not necessarily for this guy. I'm sure he's thinking of the distance between Vegas and Illinois. So it sounds like he's just trying to have fun, which is fine if that's what you want as well. But, don't expect anything serious with him. He's already tied up. It's obvious that he's trying to make something work with his Vegas baby. Have fun while you're there, and get the hell out of town. Good luck!

I hope I've helped.

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