Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Have I done the right thing?

Have I done the right thing?

I've been with my partner for two years, and have a one year old son. My partner is always telling me how stupid I am, or how lazy I am because I am just a mother. He drinks a lot, takes drugs a lot, and stays in bed all day, and works long hours. Sometimes he can be a caring man and nice, and a wonderful father. But, its destroying my confidence being with him. I told him I want to leave, and he said nobody would ever want to be with me. I hope I have done the right thing for me and my son, but I dont want to deprive my son. Please help.
You are in a emotionally abusive relationship. Abusive people will say horrible things (you're stupid, lazy, etc.) to keep your self esteem down so that they can easily control and manipulate you. If he drinks a lot, and does drugs, it's not healthy for you or your son to be around him. Get out of the relationship, at least until he can prove himself to be a positive, supportive, drug free partner and father.
As far as your son, it's better for your son to grow up in a healthy environment without his father, than in an unhealthy environment with him.
And, you must learn to love yourself so that you won't allow anyone to mistreat you. Don't be afraid to leave him. You and your son can have, and deserve a better life.
I hope I've helped.

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HektikLyfe said...

Drugs and kids don't mix. That simple.