Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sex With My Brother In Law

Sex With My Brother in Law

This is really embarassing for me. Last week my wife and I were visiting her brother and his wife in California. Our wives went out to visit some old maid aunt and my brother-in-law ad I were watching a football game and dinking a few beers, just normal guy stuff. Our wives called to say they were gonna spend the night since the aunt was sick. When the game was over, we did a few tequila shots and then this movie came on with a sex scene. I don't know how it happened, but we got wasted. We started kissing and before we knew it, we were getting undressed.

To make a long story short, we wound up having gay (unprotected) sex. I woke up the next day in his bed naked with a major hangover. Luckily, we got everything cleaned up before the wives came back. I don't know how this happened or what to do. Believe me or not, I have NEVER had a homosexual desire in my life. If my wife finds out, she will leave me and I love her. I CANNOT tell her, she will never forgive me for having sex with her little brother. To make matters worse, my brother-in-law is threatening to tell her. What can I do? Telling my wife the truth is NOT an option, so please don't even say it.

Well, since you're set on not telling her, you need to talk with your brother in law and find out why he wants to tell her. Try to explain to him, that you made a big mistake, and you love your wife and want you don't want to loose her. Then ask him what he's hoping to achieve by telling her.

Either way, if she finds out, it's not just you she'll be through with. She'll be done with her brother as well. I think you should also be honest with yourself. No matter how wasted you get, you don't sleep with someone that you have absolutely no desire for. It may be hard to face, but you don't want to fool yourself. In the end, all secrets come to the surface. If she finds out now, she'll be upset, but with time she may come around. If she finds out from someone else after some time has passed, she won't be able to get over it. At that point, its beyond betrayal. Its also the fact that you hid it from her. I just think you should consider the outcome of all possible decisions. Good luck. And for future reference, stay away from the Tequila.

I hope I've helped!

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Tairebabs said...

wow, what a complicated situation. I totally agree with ur advice. It is best that she find out the truth from her husband and not her brother or anyone else. That would be unfortunate. There is also the other issue to consider i.e. what does the brother hope to get from his confession??? I don't know many women who will stay with their husband after such an incidence. If he is feeling that guilty he can confess that he had a gay experience without disclosing who he had it with.