Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Would you take a risk of dating one of your friends and ruining your friendship?

Relationships are best when they begin as friendships. You know each other better than if you were to randomly meet and start dating. You don't have the pressure of the first date, and you're more respectful of each other. You just have to be sure to maintain the friendship throughout the relationship. If it doesn't work out, as long as you've both been considerate of each other, you can remain friends.

I hope I've helped.


Mallikarjuna said...

Good articles

whoissecretdubai said...

a humble request...(for anyone not allowing this post through--not spam--)

Anyone happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: is?

Tairebabs said...

Yes you have. I am presently in a relationship with one of my best friends. I initially was reluctant to take our relationship to another level because he and I were so close and I was afraid of what might happen to our friendship if our relationship goes badly but the risk has been worth it.

Stella said...

Tairebabs, you'll have to keep us posted on your relationship!