Saturday, July 4, 2009

What Do You Say To Get Out of Sex?

What excuses do you use? What is usually the real reason?
I know I am a girl, and I use the "I have to get up early" excuse. The real reason is that I usually am just not into him at that particular moment. But I think I may need some new excuses. LOL.

While I try don't engage in this, I do have a variety of excuses to use. A: If you've ended your cycle recently, tell him that you're still on. If he raises a brow, tell him that it's been really irregular this month and you don't know why. He should definitely hold his mule with that one. B: Fake a migraine or a headache. C: Tell him you're not feeling well and you feel nauseous. D: Pretend (If it's not natural) that you're really stressed over something at work and try to get him to comfort you instead.

Good luck. I hope I've helped!

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SavvyD said...

That depends--is this a boyfriend or a date? I get rid of many a guy by saying the truth--I want to know that you care about me first.